From Protecting Our Nation
To Building Our Nation

Saluting Our Heroes

Soldiers are the real heroes of our country. They protect our land, skies and water with utmost courage and determination. They stand in extreme situations so that our Nation sleeps peacefully.

Their devotion to serving our Nation continues even after their duty, and they strive hard to build the Nation. By taking up different roles and responsibilities, they ensure that serving the Nation is their top-most priority. Their determination and sheer perseverance to serve the country help us for a better tomorrow.

These brave Veterans have always bravely Protected Our Nation and are now proudly Building it. India is forever grateful to all these real heroes for their service towards our Nation.

We salute their contribution and proudly say, “Salaam Veteran”

Jai Hind!

Celebrating Veterans

Special Inspirational Heroes

Inspirational Heroes

All these Bravehearts from the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre are true examples of Heroism. Injured, while serving in the Fauj and protecting our country, these brave men have never let their courage down and are still working for the Soldiers, Veterans, and their families.

Ex/ NK Ramesh Puri (SM), Ex Sepoy Aneej P.V, Ex/CFN Dilip Kumar Giri, Ex Sep Shahaji Jadhav, Ex/L/NK Naba Kishore Samal, are the heroes who in spite of being physically challenged are still working for the betterment of our soldiers by helping them in booking flights, trains, and vacations for them. Their courage and determination know no limits and are growing with each passing day. We are proud of these brave soldiers and are grateful for their service.

All these Soldiers have bravely protected our Nation while serving the Fauj and are now building the Nation by serving the soldiers and their families.

Legacy of Salaam Veterans

Veterans have done their duty, to honor them is ours!
Veterans are no ordinary people, they have done their best for our Nation. Yet, they choose to live a simple life on retirement. These men and women deserve our gratitude for their willingness to serve this country and help protect our rights and our freedoms. The least we can do is to thank them for their service. Salaam Veteran!

Veterans working with udChalo

udChalo is honoured to be associated with such Mindful Veterans and their contribution towards us.


An initiative by udChalo to create awareness amongst troops regarding air travel, new LTC rules for JCOs/OR and how to avail LTC benefits.


Mission to make life simple for our esteemed Veterans by placing them in a suitable position in Indian industry

History of Veterans Day in India

Veterans Day

A day to Honour the valour retired servicemen and celebrate their achievements and sacrifices towards our Nation. 

14th Jan

Field Marshal KM Cariappa the first Commander-in-chief of Indian Armed Forces retired on the day.


The First Veterans day in India was celebrated on 14th January 2017, Since then India celebrates their Veterans on this day every year

Veterans Day 2023

The seventh Armed Forces Veterans Day will be celebrated at Jaswant Ground in Dehradun Cantonment.