भूल के न भूल जाना शहीद की शहादत को

भूल के न भूल जाना शहीद की शहादत को


जवान हम इस मिटटी के
उन चट्टानों का करते हे आदर
रंग दिया लाल चट्टान को
इन हवाओं में हैं शहादत
भूल के न भूल जाना
शहीद की शहादत को
वीर भूमि की चट्टान थी
नाम दिया सफ़ेद सागर

विजय विजय विजय
सम्मान की विजय
हैं ये धरती माता की
संतान की विजय

वीर बहादुर इस मिटटी के
खाई थी एक कसम
लहराएंगे वही झंडा
देखे उनमे हे कितना दम
रंग दिया उन चट्टान को
नारंगी,सफ़ेद, हरे रंगो से.

जब लोगे तुम सास इन चट्टानों में
होगी महसूस शहादत इन हवाओं में

भूल के न भूल जाना
शहीद की शहादत को
वीर भूमि की चट्टान को
कारगिल की नरम हवाओ को.

-Shahid Shaikh ( Son of Sub S.Z. Shaikh,Retd )

नभातील योद्धा

26 जुलै हा दिवस कारगील युद्ध स्मरणार्थ साजरा केला जात आहे. या वर्षी कारगील युद्धाला वीस वर्षे पूर्ण होत आहेत. मी आज याच ठीकाणी सैन्य सेवेत आहे. मी हे चित्र आजच सायंकाळी टिपले आहे. या फोटो मध्ये सुर्य टायगर हील जवळ मावळत आहे आणी निसर्गाची किमया पहा शेजारी ढगांची कलाकृती अशी की एखादा शूर सैनिक सज्ज होऊन त्या युद्ध घटनेची साक्ष असलेल्या टायगर हीलच्या दिशेने निघाल्यासारखचे दीसत आहे. खरच कौतुकास्पद व आश्चर्यचकित करणारे द्रुश्य.

-Nb Sub Ravindra Deshmukh

The Day of Vijay

They came out of the West to test out our best; to a nation for peace but not at rest. Disguised as peasants, they came to fight; to control the high ground, of which they had no moral right. They spoke of peace and resolution but betrayed our trust, to deceive their own people, even if they must. It has happened before and will oft be repeated; The bent tail of a dog cannot be treated.

They took a hill named ‘Tiger’, little knowing it was named after the men who rightfully owned it. They tried to break a lifeline to Ladakh, put a spin to an old narrative that is best left in the dark. They could not have known that their act of deceit, would lay a foundation stone of their ultimate defeat.

Our brave 5 were some of the first to die. Tortured beyond humanity, their loved ones left with nothing but to cry.

While we back home remained blissfully ignorant, of war and this fight; That made boys into men and soldiers into heroes, as is their birthright. The cantonments were deserted, the men were away, there were hushed tones, not much for us to say. At that time most did not know, or wouldn’t care to think, how close we were as a nation upon the brink.

We did not know then of Vijay, Safed Sagar and Talwar, how the scope had expanded, both near and far. No war is won by weapons alone; there are courage, blood and tears of comrades suddenly gone.

I can’t imagine the guts it requires, to face up to death and climb up against incoming fire. Ensuring the aim is reached, even if through your own funeral pyre. The mountains bear the blood of our men, who clawed their way up each post, and bunker, to create the history of which we will always remember.

But for a moment let me pause to think, Of the anguish that families at home go through, while not letting their resolve show even a slight chink.

Mothers & Fathers as proud that can be, fearing for their boys as only parents can see.

Sweethearts and wives, they are apprehensive too, of news that could come and change their lives through and through.

Children with their innocence, not completely in the know; who have an inkling of the gravity, in their hearts though

Our men crested the ridges, regained the high points;

Not before Bahaduri became Balidan and Veerta into Veergati

We may not correct mistakes done in the past; We may choose to ignore

But for these brave men constantly vigilant, of the wolves at the door.

What should I do, other than bow in deep respect?

Does not the nation need me to always be at my best?

Let us just not give lip service to a nation that they have fought hard to preserve,

But bring responsibility to our streets, of which they deserve.

Let us strive to first do our own duties and seek less of liberties

The great nation of India needs more men to create histories.

Jai Hind!

-Mr.Yazdi Marker

Vijay Diwas Nostalgia

She comes in all shapes and sizes.

She is slim, she is fat.

She is thick, she is light.

She is heavy, she is round.

She is pinpointed, she is bulky.

She is stunning, she is mind-blowing.

She is deadly, she is deafening.

She is nuancing, she is noisy.

She is a head-turner, she is shocking.

She is terrifying, she is thrusting.

She is hot, she is combustible.

She is inflammable, she is explosive.

She is volatile, she is vulnerable.

She is fast, she is furious.

She is hurting; she is hitting.

She is smart; she is stealth.

She kisses; she kills.

She is unthinkable, she is unforgiving.

When she is there, you don’t treasure but crave madly for her when she is not.

She can hit you at all distances- near or far, from below and top. From sides, from back or she can entrap you, engulf you.

Last but not least, she is a killer, a sure shot one, not for her friends but for her foes.

Ihad the privilege and honour to be at the helm of strategizing the Air Defence Operations, both in conventional and unconventional roles in the Northern Army theatre that saw the only action, that was ‘Kargil War”.

Many wouldn’t know but Air Defence is the first to be inducted into battle, much before any actual operations commence and last to get de -inducted, as any war starts and ends with an air action, having handed a punitive blow to the adversary.

When the war was in the final stages, she became critical.

Everyone, from top to the last man defending, went hysterical and hounded.

Other turned turtle and some went topsy-turvy with the thought of her doing the diminishing act at a crucial juncture when she was the most desired and required.

News of her dying status and disappearing act spread like a wildfire as wild as her. Notes and views were exchanged and thoughts shared with everyone who could prevent her sudden loss.

Ante was upped. Heads were put down, doing deep diving. Midnight oils were burnt and day-long toils were undertaken. All possible options were pondered upon to delay her exit from the scene and stage of ultimate victory.

Even inputs from the men on the field of fierce battle, filled with fume and fire, would not help.

Path to neutralising our foes across seemed riddled with phantom blocks of uncertainty.

There seemed to be no answers, in the vicinity, near or far, as to how she could be reinforced or reinstated.

It was ‘do or die’ scenario and nothing seemed to work.

Finally, came the eureka moment. She was to be rejuvenated from far and further, refurbished and replenished from a place none other than near our very own Pune. This is the place where her newest and latest Avatar had been found.

She was to be only airlifted as others options would only hasten her exit from the playing field.

Air, but that was engaged in thick of operations — so the alternative was?

Our very own transport helicopters, modified for combat role which were to reinforce her to the theatre of an actual scene as soon as possible, optimizing their capability.

She was readied and transformed in her new attire, boarded in the “ ply moth” — that’s what the transport helicopters look like and deboarded in Kargil sector precisely within 72 hours of rigmarole.

Her arrival on our bastion created havoc and drove the hell out of the most unwelcome guest who was merrily parched on our window to the majestic Himalayas!

I feel blessed that I was a part of this entire intriguing, insinuating, an ingenious but interesting process that had so much at stake and little to take.

For the very first time, I, like others, realized that we cannot fight a winning battle ever, without her and a losing one with her.

Significantly, make a small contribution as run-up towards celebrating Vijay Diwas!

Foxed and fretting? Hold on and hold your horses!

She is none other than our very own Ms Ammu, as we colloquially call ammunition in the defence forces.

She is the final punch on enemy’s face, head and so on …. Saga carries on and so does the nostalgia !.

Long live our beloved Ms Ammu Fatale!

-Col. Pankaj Sharma (Retd)


‘SERVICE FOR SERVICES’- With this as our motto, it is simple to see why this resonates so strongly with us: Our soldiers are doing their duty...to honour them is ours.

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